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Information for Foreign Institutions Requesting Books

(Non-Peace Corp)

We are happy to consider requests for a box of books from schools, libraries, and community centers where the books will be used by a large number of learners. If you would like to request a box of books, please send an email to DarienBookAid.International@gmail.com.  Because of severe financial constraints and the ever rising cost of shipping, we are only able to send a small box of books weighing 10-12 kilos for each qualifying request. Keep that in mind as you provide the following information in the body of your email. (We do not open attachments.) Please include this information: 
1. the name of your institution and the type of education or services you offer   
2. the ages of the people who are the intended readers    
3. the English reading level of the intended readers – beginning, intermediate or advanced     
4. the types of books that would best fill your needs – textbooks (please indicate the specific subject and level preferred), reference books, story books, fiction, non-fiction etc. (Please be as specific as possible. We want to fill your needs as closely as we can.)
5. your mailing address and phone number in the exact form it should appear on our mailing label. We cannot fulfill your request if you do not provide a phone number.
If you are writing from Ukraine, your address must include the phone number, postal code and the physical address to which the box will be delivered. If your mailing address is in the Cyrillic alphabet, and mail can only reach you if it is written in Cyrillic, please include your address in both the Cyrillic and Roman alphabets in your email.