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Make a Book Donation
View out wish list. Ordering books of thewishlist is easy and fast and ensures that you are donating a much needed book.

If you wish to donate books, please make sure they are in good condition (without highlighting or underlining). Read the list below to see if they will meet our needs. To leave off your donation, you can pull up to our door and drop them off in the Darien Book Aid Plan lobby (open 24 hours a day).

These are the types of books we can use:

-Children's Books: for all ages - preschool to young adult, fiction and non-fiction

-Classics and simplified classics
-Short Story Collections
-English readers and grammar books
-Teaching Methods
-English as a Second Language books and materials
-Books in Spanish or French for native speakers in all subjects for children and adult
-Spanish/English and French/English dictionaries
-Crafts/Home Arts: sewing, cooking, knitting etc.
-DIY books: carpentry, masonry, auto repair etc.
-Construction/Industrial Arts
-Health, any and all types
-Textbooks: High School and College -- no more than 5 yrs. old
-Computer and IT training: recent titles only 
-Business, Banking, Finance, Accounting
-Agriculture, vegetable gardening, beekeeping, animal husbandry
-Ecology and environment
-Reference books: Dictionaries, atlases -- no more than 10 yrs. old

When donating books to us, please think about what would be interesting, helpful and culturally appropriate to children and adults in the developing world who are learning English and developing skills to improve their lives and countries. Keeping that in mind...We cannot use: -Large format coffee table books
-Diet books
-Magazines other than National Geographic
-Damaged books
-Textbooks for learning a foreign language (French, Spanish, German etc.)
Please do not ship books to us unless you receive prior approval.