Committees Chairs and members
Books:  Libby Gedney
Books Committee: Dawn Fiss, Joanne Leaman, Amanda McLaughlin, Kitty Graves, Luisa Francoeur
Domestic Corresponding Secretary:  Pam Miller
Foreign Corresponding Secretary:  Kitty Graves 
Assistant Foreign Corresponding Secretary: Lois Rinaldi
Fund Raising: Pat Parlette
Grant Acquisition Committee
 Heather Ferullo andLibby Gedney
Membership:  Amanda McLaughlin
Shipping:  Oscar Ruiz-Diaz
Hospitality:  Sarah Baxter
Peace Corp Corresponding Secretary:  Peggy Minnis
Publicity/Public Relations:  Geraldine Trippitelli
Newsletter:   Jane Minnis
Purchasing:  Dick Fiss
Assistant Treasurer:  Pat Parlette
House:  Terry Fitzgerald
Technology: Heather Ferullo 
Technology Committee: Geraldine Trippitelli, Kitty Graves

​​Improving literacy and education worldwide


President: Harry McLachlin 

Vice President: Peggy Twitchell  

Secretary:  Gwynne Campbell

Treasurer:  Patrick Ferullo

Board Members

Heather Ferullo

Terry Fitzgerald

Pamela Miller

Laura Mosher

Lois Rinaldi